Luke Hayes-Alexander

Luke Hayes-Alexander- Luke’s Underground Supper Table

The term child prodigy is a label that isn’t usually attached to chefs, but Luke Hayes-Alexander may be the first to fit that description. In what can only be described as a self-fulfilling prophecy it’s fitting that his mother had…

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Gun Show!

Race Recap-Wings for Life

Running season is officially under way, and I had the opportunity to come out swinging on May 8th (Mother’s Day) to participate in Red Bull’s Wings for Life Run, set in Niagara Falls. This run is truly like no other-…

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Citizen Catering

BTS at Waterkeeper Gala

I never went to prom. I know, how cliché. But when the opportunity came to get gussied up and gala ready I jumped at the chance to jam on my Jimmy Choos, all in support of a very good cause….

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Black Bean and Quinoa Salad

Nourish Cookbook

Full disclosure. I’m not vegan, vegetarian or even pescatarian. And while I LOVE salads I’m not a huge lentil person (don’t tell Chef Michael Smith, I’m a little scared of heights!). But when I attended the launch party last month…

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Johnnie Walker

My Night with Johnnie Walker

First things first, I am not a scotch drinker. I grew up surrounded by scotch drinkers (thank you Irish background) but after my first bout of the brown stuff I fizzled out early and never looked back. Vodka, red wine,…

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Maui Travel Guide

The shores of sunny Maui are quite likely your first stop after (finally) landing and getting your bearings after the long flight. Soaking up sun and relaxing are always top of the agenda for me, but after about a day…

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I haven’t been running lately. And while sometimes it’s life that gets in the way-deadlines, sick kids, random snowpocalypse…nope, this time I’ve been derailed by something even worse. Lower back pain. We all have nagging injuries, and this one is…

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Per La Famiglia- Nonna Ortenzias Meatballs

Per La Famiglia

Emily Richards’ new cookbook is out, and Per La Famiglia is a shrine to southern Italian cooking. Emily is a pretty well known figure in Canadian Cooking, but for those that have been living under a rock (or possibly an…

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The Peasant Table

The Peasant Table has opened on Queen East, snagging the spot that was the former home of Table 17. Food influences hail from Chef and Owner’s own upbringing- Boris Babić (ex- Michael’s on Simcoe) calls it a ‘Northern Italian Gastropub’,…

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Niagara Falls Wings for Life Run

Wings for Life- Why I’m Running

I’ve been running pretty much my whole life. Even as a young girl, running was my go-to outlet. All I needed was a pair of kicks and I was gone. I clocked my first 5K race when I was 9,…

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